I N N E R   O T H E R

Katy Connor  /  Matt Gee  /  Louise Gibson  /  Natalia Janula & Richard Müller  /  Byrke Lou  /  Robbie Thomson

28th July - 25th August 2017

As flesh and data are transposed; bio-forms and data bodies emerge, synthesized by nonhuman actors. Life’s material systems tangle, networks intersect, stimulating active sites of new becomings. The inner other is unraveled: externalised and disassembled, transformed and amplified, visualised and refigured in silico, whilst apophenic onlookers manifest speculative imaginaries.

Creepy artifacts are created as new knowledge makers, elucidating the intangible, allowing for new ways of seeing.

Continuous strings of sense datum arrive on the slipstream of encoded bits filling vast reservoirs of molecular DNA storage. Yottabytes of knowledge, encrypted from binary into base-4 nucleotide sequences, locked away within synthetic bio-logical macromolecules, await reanimation.

R e p e a t____I n t e r r u p t____O v e r l a p

Mutualistic entanglements with alien others_

Bacterial circuitries oscillate with fluorescing proteins in an ongoing iridescent dialogue, sensing and signaling to companion colonies as they traverse the complex inner-ecologies of host organisms.

P r o g r a m m e d____l i v i n g____m a t t e r

Life is executed by chemical codes through an inner messy-logic.

The biological is rematerialised_

A dissolution of living bodies into metastable states: smashing, fragmenting, synthesizing. Glass fibre capillaries carry these mutilated organic entities towards ultraviolet lasers, shooting through a disembodied ooze whilst Information extraction systems feast on perpetual serial transmissions, reformatting and manipulating the bios into digestible chunks then spewing them out as fetishized abstraction.