The Mycological Twist

Ballad to Detritus

Opened on 4th July 2020

Download for Windows [537mb] /////// Download for MAC [597mb]

Ballad To Detritus

Plong… Plong… Plong… a faint drip occupies space in your ear canal. Faint, but clear enough to determine that the sound is in fact a drip. A juicy cocktail of humus and moss, maybe? Some earth sludge oozes through the cracks in the ground, a wound left after a small birch came down with a loud klabam. Look left, right, left, always be safe crossing this intersection. Roarrr! As a lighting thunder Eelie the speedy nematode comes rushing through. Always in a hurry that one. Krrkrrr, aargh, that hunger. Totally forgot to eat. Let’s find some snacks nearby. I bet the cornerstone has some lichen left.

Ballad to Detritus is a game developed by the Mycological Twist where you embody a mycelial structure, expanding your network of fungal filaments as you navigate a primordial amebic space. The Mycological Twist is a project by Eloïse Bonneviot and Anne de Boer operating both as a fixed mushroom garden and as a nomadic project, infecting and spreading mycelium alike, with the garden currently located in Berlin. The Mycological Twist started in 2014 as an extension to Jupiter Woods’ garden, a gallery located in South Bermondsey, London and then moved on to Athis-Mons, a suburb of Paris. Since then, the materialization of the research results in a program of commissioned works, lectures, performances and works.


Ballad to Detritus is compatible for both Windows and MacOS computers, follow the download links at the top of this page for your operating system.

Unzip the package and open the Ballad to Detritus application.

Use W S A D keys to navigate forward, back, left right and left mouse click to travel up, right mouse click to travel down.