Narthex presents: A Solstice Journey

ռǟʀȶɦɛӼ travellers land at Alt_R for ǟ ֆօʟֆȶɨƈɛ ʝօʊʀռɛʏ next week: 19 - 22 June. Curious visitors are invited to watch and participate in LARP sessions, ceremonies, performances and screenings during their habitation within our mixed reality Ringlorn forest.

LARP Theme: 
In 2023, Narthex travellers opened a portal between dimensions. While attempting to follow Hildegarde on their journey, they became disoriented and found themselves in the enigmatic realm of the Gossamer Fog. Now, the members of the five guilds must unite their powers and decipher the arcane mysteries of this peculiar land to reopen the portal and find their way back to Hildegarde.

The Reality Reapers
Revealers of Harmony
The Watchers of the Ancient Will
The Makers of Prowess
The Realms Wanderers


☉ Wednesday 19th June 
Discover the Narthex universe, tune in live on radio at
4-8pm ~ LARP Workshop, character building, and quest preparation.
Participants can get involved in the Live Action Role Play (LARP) by following our Guide to build their characters and enter their chosen Guild, Different quests will activate the space.

☉ Thursday 20th June 
4-10pm ~ LARP workshop then a special quest to Stonehenge for the Summer Solstice celebration.
DM if you would like to join the quest!

☉ Friday 21st June 
4-10pm ~ Ongoing LARP performances, screenings & listening sessions.
Screening of a selection of videos by s1m0nc3ll0 & jujulove
Screening of The Stonehenge Quest, reporting back from our Solstice celebration at Stonehenge the night before.

☉ Saturday 22nd June 
4-10pm ~ Soup ritual & LARP performances, Miedo Total live, Narthex Team DJ sets & Portal opening.
Live concert by Miedo total
Storytelling by Maxima
Portal Invocation by Hildegarde (remote)
Fantasy Narthex DJs : 3n!gm4, Herensugea, Maxima and more magical surprises by Leïla Arenou, David Varhegyi, 飞飞 (remote), Atay Ilgun, Alessandro Veneruso (remote)

☉ Ongoing throughout the multi-day continuous larping 
Puzzle prophecies by 3n!gm4
Offerings by Beladrys
Character Design support by Maxima
Sounds of the horns & guts by Herensugea
Ancient glyphs craft by Rogue Goblin

Participating artists: 
3n!gm4 / LazyDog / jujulove / Hildegarde / Leïla Arenou / Beladrys / Maxima / Miedo Total / David Varhegyi / 飞飞 / Alessandro Veneruso / Atay Ilgun

**Visitors are welcome to join the LARP anytime mentioned above (from Wednesday to Saturday), Narthex recommend you to come to as many as the LARP sessions as possible.

If you’d like to come along to the LARP please REGISTER HERE or use QR code below

This event is on a donation basis with a sliding scale of £5 to £15, you can make contributions at Alt_R during the event via QR codes located throughout the space.

𝑵𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒙 is a non-profit organisation dedicated to championing queer artists, local craftsmanship, and fantasy enthusiasts. We provide a platform to amplify and unite underrepresented voices, and foster inclusivity across various spheres. We organise biennial festivals, known as the Narthex Odyssey, exhibitions, and other forms of experimental events. Narthex strives to challenge traditional norms of fantasy and mediaeval communities, and expand the boundaries of these fields, making them more inclusive and representative of a wider array of experiences and identities.

Narthex are gathering forces in London to brew their next festival in Linière's Castle (France) in Summer 2025. Exclusive merch will be available to buy during the event at Alt_R in support.

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