Gossamer Fog is pleased to announce that Ting-Tong Chang has been selected for our residency program with a project investigating the automatons trade (also the sing-song trade) between Europe and China in the 18th century. Fuelled by the massive demand in Europe for exotic Asian wares, the Europeans increasingly focused their attention on objects that could be exported to help balance an increasing trade gap. There developed a trade in novelty items, simply referred to as sing-songs, derived from the Chinese words that mean 'bells that ring by themselves'. The automatons typify the intriguing and inventive objects produced in European cities. They were technical masterpieces designed to 'perform the various motions of life, as if in actual existence'. Due to a change in Ting-Tong Chang's schedule, we have moved the exhbition for the residency from December to May, more details to be announced in the future.

                Peng’s Journey to the Southern Darkness, 2016

                Second Life: Habitat, 2016